Strange Sights in Southern KY

Are you the kind of sightseer who makes a detour to sit in the World’s Largest Rocking Chair or take a peek at the World’s Largest Ball of Yarn?? Well so are we! And in this post, we find a few such oddities just up the road… Continue reading Strange Sights in Southern KY

Aunt Annie In Amish Country

My aunt Annie came to visit us from North Carolina in October/November. She’s 72 years young and always up for an adventure so we gave her a menu of fun things to do while she was here and she chose a trip to Amish Country. Technically, there are more Mennonites than Amish in Scottsville, KY but nonetheless, we set off to step back in time. … Continue reading Aunt Annie In Amish Country

Meandering Around Murphy (NC)

I will admit – Murphy, NC was not on our bucket list. It wasn’t even on our radar until we were looking for campgrounds in parts of the Great Smoky Mountains that offered even the slightest possibility of seeing a black bear. Why? Because black bears are on Angie’s bucket list. (And sadly, they will remain there, at least for now.) Murphy, NC is a … Continue reading Meandering Around Murphy (NC)