Aunt Annie In Amish Country

My aunt Annie came to visit us from North Carolina in October/November. She’s 72 years young and always up for an adventure so we gave her a menu of fun things to do while she was here and she chose a trip to Amish Country. Technically, there are more Mennonites than Amish in Scottsville, KY but nonetheless, we set off to step back in time.

I’m firmly convinced that our GPS loves the boonies because if there’s a straight route to get somewhere, she always chooses the scenic route instead. This time, she took us on a winding and often one-lane road through beautiful rural landscapes to get to Habegger’s Amish Market. The actual route involves only one turn and two highways, but I guess you could say the GPS made the better choice because everyone really enjoyed the fall colors.

Children’s Park at Habegger’s Market

My aunt loves food just as much as we do so lunch at the Amish Deli was probably the highlight of the trip. The sandwiches are huge! And the bread is the softest thing you’ll ever sink your teeth into. Angie and I both had the special of the day, which was a roasted turkey on sourdough with cheddar cheese and apple butter. It was simply delicious! Annie had a roast beef sandwich and took half of it home for later – to save room for ice cream, of course.

I thought the cost of lunch was reasonable too. We fed four people – sandwiches, sides, drinks, and ice cream – for $32 (or $8/each). This left plenty of room in the budget to do some shopping.

Habegger’s has everything that you’d expect from an Amish Market – meats, cheeses, fresh produce (in season), bulk flours, spices, handmade soaps, maple syrup, honey, and more. Angie and I bought several spices, 2 bags of popcorn kernels (our favorite), and a couple of flavored extracts for making yogurt. My mom bought cinnamon bears and raisins. When we lived in Florida, we used to bring her 3-4 cartons of cinnamon bears from the Amish market in Venice when we’d visit, so I knew she’d go straight for them. Sadly, someone else had beat her to them though and there was only one container left on the shelf.


The Amish/Mennonite Country is about an hour and fifteen minutes drive from Nashville. Along with the Amish Market, there are several other sites to see, including a Dutch Bakery, a candlemaker, and several farm fresh produce stands. To visit Habegger’s, just plug 415 Perrytown Rd, Scottsville, KY 42164 into your GPS. If you’re lucky, maybe yours will take you along the back roads too.

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